About Us

Rotor Works specialises in Aerial Cinematography for Film and TV projects using RC Octocopters or drones.

We take the safety of our clients and subjects very seriously and follow strict flight guidelines as certified by CASA.

Our Chief pilot was one of Australia’s first UAV operators back in 2001

Rotor Works is fully covered for $20M Public Indemnity Insurance.

We can fly anywhere in Australia and internationally.

We carry almost any high quality cameras including the Red Weapon and Arri Alexa Mini.

We can fly from ground level to 400 feet high and higher with special permissions from the aviation authorities.

Our octocopter for hire replaces the setup time and costs and physical limitations of Real Helicopters,  jibs, booms, cranes, zip lines  and dollys, plus we can get amazing perspectives that have never been attainable before.

Our technologies also allow us a super quick set-up that takes just minutes to get into the air, and seconds between battery changes.

Our copters are developed to carry the best cinema cameras. We utilise state of the art camera satbilisation systems and have remote control of recording, zoom and follow focus if required.

Our aerial cinematography systems are particularly suited to hard to get shots, punch outs (vertical flight), chase scenes, fly arounds, panoramics and more.