Drones for Hire – Film and TV in Australia

How High can you fly?
Up to 1500ft in certain areas with special permission. CASA stipulates that the maximum altitude above ground level that we can fly is 400 feet, but rarely will we need to get the shot from higher than 300 feet. For helicopter filming we can fly up to 20,000ft.

What drones you operate?
We fly mostly the latest DJI drones, but we also operate FreeFly, Parrot and various other FPV drones as required.

How Far away can you fly it?
We can fly it as far as we can clearly see it and control it.
If you wish to fly it further, we can always fly it from with a moving vehicle or boat.

Where can I see your work?
Here’s a link to some of our work.

How much does it cost to hire you?
Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs. We are available at half day, full day and weekly rates, anywhere in Australia.

Where are you based?
We are based in Sydney, however we are licensed to fly anywhere in Australia and can travel to your location by Air or Vehicle. We are also FAA part 107 licensed and can travel anywhere in the world to operate.

Can anyone fly commercially?
No. We have many years of flying and development experience, and follow strict guidelines as outlined by CASA for the safety of people on the ground and in other aircraft. We hold a “Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC)” and various other authorisations that allow us to conduct our work in a safe and controlled manner. For this reason we hire out our Drones & Cameras for your film or TV shoot and supply the pilot and camera operator as a package.

What payloads and cameras can you carry?
We can carry camera payloads up to 10kg or more if required. We encourage the use of lighter prime lenses which allows us to fly for longer for you. Our primary drones use a 8K camera with an included lens set. The GSS helicopter camera uses an 8k Super35 Red Helium camera and 25-250 Angénieux zoom lens.

Do you have to have a licence to fly?
Yes. We have a Chief UAV controller who is fully certified to fly these aircraft. Our Chief UAV controller also trains and tests the other pilots in our company.

Rotor Works is licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to carry out commercial works
Operators Certificate: CASA.ReOC.0956

What experience is required?
There are many qualifications required to become a UAV Controller certified to operate in Australia. The list of requirements can be found on CASA’s website.

Can I fly or operate camera for you?
Yes!, If you have an interest in becoming one of Rotor Works’ UAV controllers, feel free to contact us to discuss your flying and cinematography experience.

How long can you fly for?
With some drones, we can fly more than 30 minutes.
With a heavy movie camera, we can fly for about 14 minutes with a power reserve for emergencies of about 2 minutes.

Do you supply the pilot & camera operator?
Yes, we only use our own UAV controllers and camera operators. We provide a live downlink to multiple monitors if required.

Do you supply the camera?
Yes. We can also hire a specific camera to suit your needs. In general, we like to fly with DJI cameras. You can also supply your own on our heavy lift systems

Are you insured?
Yes, we carry $20M Public liability insurance.